Happy Holidays… from Rossomenta

We are now at the gates of the most awaited and magical holiday season of the year. It is an opportunity to finally spend time with the people who are dearest to us, to exchange gifts, to laugh, to get excited. It is also, however, the time to stop and reflect on the year that is coming to an end. Ours was a 2022 full of satisfactions, of small and large projects successfully completed. Achievements that cannot be achieved alone… For this reason, in wishing you a merry Christmas and an amazing start to the new year, we cannot fail to take the opportunity to say Thank you too!

Thanks to all those who have chosen the quality and beauty of Made in Italy taste.
Thanks to all our partners, old and new, for being our ambassadors of style, allowing all their customers to experience the quality of our collections first-hand.
Thanks to all our employees and craftsmen, who day after day have transformed the creations of our stylists into reality with professionalism and passion.
Thanks to those who have decided to share their experience of wearing Rossomenta garments with us, making us feel proud of our work.
To all of you, heartfelt thanks, for everything you have allowed us to achieve and for giving us the strength to imagine exciting new goals…to be achieved together!

A shower of colors is coming!

If you are looking for an antidote to gray autumn days, you really cannot miss the selection of rain hats from the new Rossomenta Fall Winter 2022 Collection. A swirl of colors and patterns that can make you forget that vague sense of melancholy that often accompanies cold mornings rainy.

From the cheeky beret with heart pattern, to the fisherman models with stitched brim or quilted solid colour, up to the inevitable cloche models presented in a long series of variants: the versatile double face, the solid colors with contrasting ruffled bands, the patterns with bands tone on tone, embellished with bow or flower details, or the elegant model with button detail and broken brim.

Indispensable garments offered in a variety of styles and colors to add a touch of personality and appeal to your every outfit or, why not, an excellent gift idea for a Christmas to share with all lovers of the unmistakable Made in Italy taste.

You just have to look for the Rossomenta boutique closest to you to try them all and find your personal positivity supplement.

Warm shades of brown in all its shades, intense yellows that fade into oranges, dark greens accompanied by a range of shades of red transform the autumn landscape into a magical and poignant spectacle at the same time. With punctuality and discretion the nature that surrounds us becomes the protagonist of our field of vision, giving us a new “photograph” of a landscape that we thought we knew and which now reawakens our attention leaving us amazed and bewitched. It is that same overwhelming charm that is often associated with changes .... especially what we believe we know all too well. That hymn to the ability to amaze that we at Rossomenta do not fail to celebrate with our Fall Winter 2022 Collection.
Strong lines and exclusive cuts rediscover classic and indispensable models of the Made in Italy style: large coats and capes are accompanied by iconic garments such as the Pamela model combined with crochet workmanship; unmissable animal prints with original patterns color our faux furs, embellishing hats, gloves and coats in a refined way for a total look full of character and refined at the same time. All in a color palette that pays homage to the extraordinary and enchanting beauty of autumn nature. The amazement that does not need to be shouted. The gentle strength of the Rossomenta style.

With the change of season, a new style is coming: yours!

Also this year October opens the doors to the new season without making us regret too much the summer just ended. The mild temperatures and the sunny days that alternate with the first rains accompany the return to our habits. We at Rossementa have imagined a return to everyday life that has as its protagonist a completely personal style, outside the box.

It is a real tribute to non-conformism, that of the Rossomenta 2022 Autumn / Winter Collection, and a proud return to the 90s grunge style.

Aged effects, boiled wool for a vintage effect, oversized capes and then again original artistic graphics, and the inevitable checked pattern. All revisited by our stylists to give space to color and the inspiration of increasingly risky combinations.

Garments with comfortable shapes but full of originality. A street look that tells of a self-confident woman, free to dare. Irresistible.

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