Venice Film Festival: a perfect combination of charm and art

The Venice International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious events in the world of cinema, has once again opened its doors in the enchanting lagoon city. For the 80th edition of the festival, cinephiles, critics and directors from all over the world gathered to celebrate the magic of storytelling through the lens of the big screen.

Against the backdrop of Venice's historic canals and ornate architecture, the festival exudes an air of grandeur and elegance. The red carpet becomes a stage for style statements that rival the movies themselves, while celebrities and directors don their creations made for them by prestigious designers, transforming the event into a hypnotic fashion showcase. The interplay between classic Venetian charm and contemporary charm creates an unforgettable atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire event. At this unmissable appointment Rossomenta is present as a luxory brand in the Hollywood Celebrities Lounge of the Tennis Club, where directors and actors from all over the world will be honored with the exclusive items of our Collections.

It is undisputed: the Venice Film Festival continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of glamour, artistic exploration and cinematic excellence and we at Rossomenta could not fail to have our support and our presence.

Rossomenta spring/summer 2023 collection: an explosion of joy!

Summer has finally come alive and in this part of the year, made up of rest in the open air but also of joyful and serene socializing, the Rossomenta Spring-Summer 2023 garments are a real accelerator of grit and energy!

The undisputed protagonists are the bright and intense colors of the sundresses and cover-ups as well as the evening suits. The wide and extremely feminine shapes at the same time alternate with dresses and separates with modern and decisive cuts. Even the unusual and radically full of inspiration details such as the impalpable feathers, which adorn hats with classic shapes now full of personality, or the belts in soft colors, which abandon their native function to embellish in a completely unexpected way retro-flavored hats, release all the desire for light-heartedness you need to fully enjoy this summer full of light and inviting occasions.

Everything in this collection tells of a woman who is not afraid to show her sunny nature. Come and discover our Collection in one of our boutiques and feel ready to express all your most lively and radiant personality by wearing the Rossomenta style. Your positive style.

A summer full of colour, from the outfit to the table

It is undisputed: nature is an inexhaustible source of wealth. It is no coincidence that it has always been the first inspirer of our Rossomenta collections and now that the summer is coming to life, the desire for contact with nature, the warmth of the sun and the regenerating power of color is increasingly making its way into our thoughts . So why not open the doors of our kitchen to them as well. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been served a flowery dish? Nothing more current and at the same time ancient than the art of knowing how to combine the use of edible flowers that nature so generously offers us at this time of year with the preparation of food.

It's really not easy to imagine how many wild flowers fall into the category of edible ones. They range from primroses, orange blossoms, dandelions, pansies, calendula to the very common daisies, borage flowers or poppies. Their use in the kitchen is among the most varied. You can decide to use them raw to color a fresh salad, or to decorate a tasty risotto. If you prefer, you can choose instead to use them in more complex recipes such as for fillings for roasts, compotes to accompany cheeses and sauces for main courses (both meat and fish). They are even excellent for making frozen desserts and ice creams with completely original flavours.

Have fun learning to recognize them and look for the most original recipes (the web is full of them) to make edible flowers the surprise ingredient of your summer kitchen. Rediscover the richness of nature as a surprising source of great inspiration; because it is strength, color, optimism, joie de vivre...exactly the same spirit that pervades the garments of our Rossomenta Spring-Summer 2023 Collection. Come and discover them in one of our Boutiques and let their positive energy infect you.

The timeless charm of the ceremonial hat

Have you ever thought about the feeling you get in wearing real works of art? Certainly all fashion, in a broad sense, can be conceived as such as a work of ingenuity with a purely aesthetic character, the result of the genius of stylists.

Yet, in the vast universe of products that crowd the shop windows, there is a world apart reserved for accessories intended for ceremonies. Here the designer's inspiration can feel free to venture; here the very purpose of the garment gives way to beauty, of the one capable, by itself, of giving meaning to creation.

We at Rossomenta like to think of the ceremonial hat as a sculpture, capable of telling a lot about who created it and who chose it.

Whether it's a whimsical headband or a fascinating wide-brimmed hat, the ceremonial hat is more than a simple headdress and certainly cannot be trivially labeled as an "accessory". Alone it is able to attract all the attention of those who gaze at it, sometimes hiding behind skilful transparencies, sometimes enhancing, with graceful and daring shapes, the face of the wearer. It is a precious jewel that cannot be limited to simply being worn but needs to be interpreted.

Look for the Rossomenta boutique closest to you, come and try the evocative power of our ceremonial proposals and feel ready to convey all your charm with one of our creations designed for this period full of coronations, parties and open-air events.