A summer full of colour, from the outfit to the table

A summer full of colour, from the outfit to the table

It is undisputed: nature is an inexhaustible source of wealth. It is no coincidence that it has always been the first inspirer of our Rossomenta collections and now that the summer is coming to life, the desire for contact with nature, the warmth of the sun and the regenerating power of color is increasingly making its way into our thoughts . So why not open the doors of our kitchen to them as well. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been served a flowery dish? Nothing more current and at the same time ancient than the art of knowing how to combine the use of edible flowers that nature so generously offers us at this time of year with the preparation of food.

It's really not easy to imagine how many wild flowers fall into the category of edible ones. They range from primroses, orange blossoms, dandelions, pansies, calendula to the very common daisies, borage flowers or poppies. Their use in the kitchen is among the most varied. You can decide to use them raw to color a fresh salad, or to decorate a tasty risotto. If you prefer, you can choose instead to use them in more complex recipes such as for fillings for roasts, compotes to accompany cheeses and sauces for main courses (both meat and fish). They are even excellent for making frozen desserts and ice creams with completely original flavours.

Have fun learning to recognize them and look for the most original recipes (the web is full of them) to make edible flowers the surprise ingredient of your summer kitchen. Rediscover the richness of nature as a surprising source of great inspiration; because it is strength, color, optimism, joie de vivre...exactly the same spirit that pervades the garments of our Rossomenta Spring-Summer 2023 Collection. Come and discover them in one of our Boutiques and let their positive energy infect you.