Rossomenta is an Italmind brand
born with the idea of ​​transforming Italian thinking into a refined and elegant product.

Unmistakable style of made in Italy

Established in the heart of Tuscany, in that Florentine district where the artisan tradition in the production of hats and leather goods has been handed down for centuries and strengthened by an experience that has its roots and spans four generations of master hatters, we employ a creative staff which develops projects characterized by a strong stylistic component in the search for new materials and a more modern fit, while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Quality and trend

Each Rossomenta collection is characterized by being at the same time attentive to new trends but also with a strong originality. The continuous research of materials and combinations, the attention to detail, the wise choice of shapes, from the most classic to those in line with the fashions of the moment, combined with an expert craftsmanship are the basic ingredients of each of our line of coordinated headgear, accessories and clothing.

Rossomenta è originalità, stile, eleganza: un modo concreto per esprimere tutta la nostra italianità.


Today it is no longer possible to think that issues such as social ethics, pollution or climate change do not affect each of us closely. Our natural propensity towards research, continuous and tireless, and constant attention to quality could only guide us towards a choice based on sustainability, in its widest meaning. For this reason, since the birth of Rossomenta, at the hands of Italmind, its parent company, we have never overshadowed the human, environmental and social aspect linked to the production of our fashion collections, marking every company strategy in a continuous perspective. improvement and making this path an identity trait.

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