It's time for the new autumn-winter collection

It's time for the new autumn-winter collection

As the leaves begin to paint the city with vibrant shades of crimson and gold and the air brings with it a refreshing evening coolness, we find ourselves on the doorstep of a new season. Autumn is slowly creeping in this year, giving us time to enjoy these wonderful days with the promise of cozy sweaters, warm cups of tea and the anticipation of the holiday season. It is a moment of transformation. And what better way to embrace this change than by welcoming the arrival in stores of the new Rossomenta autumn-winter collection?

The transition from summer to autumn is a time of sartorial delight. With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, our wardrobe also requires a gradual change for which the designers at Rossomenta have created a series of extraordinary garments that effortlessly combine style and functionality for the colder months ahead.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new collection is the infusion of rich, earthy hues that mirror the changing landscape outside. Deep burgundies, forest greens and warm rusts dominate the color palette, creating a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

Also unmissable in the autumn-winter collection is the homage to the timeless art of layering. It's a skill that allows you to create a multitude of looks, from casual to sophisticated where accessories play a key role in elevating your outfits.

The arrival of the Rossomenta F/W 2023 Collection is an unmissable opportunity to embrace the change of season and express your unique style. So whether you're strolling among fallen leaves in the park, sipping a drink with friends or attending a festive gathering, make the most of this magical time of year with the stunning pieces from our new Rossomenta collection. With its warmth, its texture and its versatility, it will give you a season of style and comfort that you won't want to miss.