The timeless charm of the ceremonial hat

The timeless charm of the ceremonial hat

Have you ever thought about the feeling you get in wearing real works of art? Certainly all fashion, in a broad sense, can be conceived as such as a work of ingenuity with a purely aesthetic character, the result of the genius of stylists.

Yet, in the vast universe of products that crowd the shop windows, there is a world apart reserved for accessories intended for ceremonies. Here the designer's inspiration can feel free to venture; here the very purpose of the garment gives way to beauty, of the one capable, by itself, of giving meaning to creation.

We at Rossomenta like to think of the ceremonial hat as a sculpture, capable of telling a lot about who created it and who chose it.

Whether it's a whimsical headband or a fascinating wide-brimmed hat, the ceremonial hat is more than a simple headdress and certainly cannot be trivially labeled as an "accessory". Alone it is able to attract all the attention of those who gaze at it, sometimes hiding behind skilful transparencies, sometimes enhancing, with graceful and daring shapes, the face of the wearer. It is a precious jewel that cannot be limited to simply being worn but needs to be interpreted.

Look for the Rossomenta boutique closest to you, come and try the evocative power of our ceremonial proposals and feel ready to convey all your charm with one of our creations designed for this period full of coronations, parties and open-air events.