Italian Fashion Days Korea | 29 June - 1 July | Seoul

From today Rossomenta is at the Italian Fashion Days in Korea. Three days dedicated to buyers that sees us participate in representation of Made in Italy in an oriental market that is increasingly attentive to quality and style, which have always been pillars of our production.

A nature to wear

In the style that distinguishes all of our Rossomenta collections, nature is a constant source of inspiration and a precious ally.
Sisal, for example, a fiber obtained from the leaves of sisalana agave, typical of the distant Yucatán region in Mexico, has always been the main ingredient of our ceremonial hat proposals.
100% biodegradable and totally recyclable, it is quickly establishing itself as a leading raw material in an increasingly green economy process.
Its long natural fibers, the processing of which generates almost exclusively organic waste, have been used since ancient times for their high mechanical strength properties. Its ability to quickly absorb and release moisture creates natural ventilation that makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. Add to this the lasting shine, low weight and extreme versatility: a perfect interpreter of our creative flair.
The charm and Made in Italy style of our ceremonial hats: an ecological, sustainable choice, but also enterprising and full of personality. Like Nature. Like Rossomenta.

Welcome back time of ceremonies!

There is an air of celebration. The desire to experience a newfound sociality is accompanied by the need to reaffirm one's identity. These months, which have always been silent witnesses to the closing of a phase of one's life and to the trees of a new beginning, are a perfect setting for the parties and ceremonies that seal these passages and which see the family reunited, strengthened old friendships and new ones blossomed.

An unmissable opportunity to be able to express your personality. Hence the choice of elegant, finally light and colorful clothes, cannot fail to be accompanied by the unmistakable style of the headdresses, accessories and ceremonial hats that Rossomenta has wisely interpreted in the spring-summer 2022 collection.
The colorful unpredictability of the enchanting headbands: a cascade of tone-on-tone sisal rings or the fabric and silk compositions of the roses, all rigorously handmade, petal by petal, embellished with feather details and fascinating veils. The delicate refinement of Sangallo lace, presented in multiple colors and models, skilfully combined with coordinated dresses with soft and timeless lines. The elegance of satin in delicate pastel tones that covers and enhances the classic shapes, giving them a new and surprising personality.
It is the beating heart of the Rossomenta ceremony collection for this awaited and exciting summer 2022. You just have to let yourself be seduced.

Rossomenta summer is coming

You know the first summer sun and that pleasant sensation of warmth that radiates from the back throughout the body? This is exactly the mix of ingredients that accompanied us this May afternoon between relaxation and unspoiled nature, surrounded by the unmistakable style of the Rossomenta Spring Summer 2022 collection.

We were inspired by the magic of the early morning light, when the sun rises above the Apuan Alps and we let it follow us until sunset, when lowering to the horizon it illuminates the boundless golden expanse of the beaches of the San Rossore Park. An estate, heritage of biodiversity and enchanting beauty, which wanted to host us before the official opening of the season and which was the setting for the essential women's hats designed for this summer: from classic shapes embellished with refined Sangallo lace, to the new Pamela model with jeans inserts; from the swirl of colors of the bucket hat, to the delicate sand and straw tones of the fringed-brimmed Pamela or the finely hand-woven Texan; to finish with the style of the inevitable ceremonial hats.

All the charm of the Rossomenta collection. Proudly feminine. Proudly Made in Italy.

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