Traveling with the Rossomenta F/W 23 Collection

While the biting cold of the blackbird days accompanies us to the height of this bizarre winter, the annual appointment with the barrage of events dedicated to the previews of next year's collections is taking us around the world to present the new Rossomenta Collection. /I 23.

Thus, fresh from the bewitching charm of Paris, we are preparing to meet the visitors who, like every edition, will crowd the pavilions of the most prestigious international fashion shows to find out how the stylists have prefigured the autumn/winter of the year that it will come.
We at Rossomenta wanted to imagine a collection capable of enhancing the charisma that every woman knows she can exercise. A veritable ode to personality made up of intense colours, presented in combinations with a strong visual impact, as well as warm earth tones, elegant cream and gritty animal prints. A complete line of hats, outerwear, bags and accessories to mix and match to create a total look that speaks volumes about you.

The next appointments are: from 1 to 3 February at the Italian Fashion Days Korea in Seoul; from 3 to 5 February at MOMAD in Madrid; from 7 to 9 February at Moda Italia in Tokyo and from 19 to 22 February at Mipel in FieraMilano Rho.
The journey continues...

Viva Magenta

18-1750 Viva Magenta. An unconventional shade for an unconventional time.

Courageous. Fearless. Optimistic. Joyful.
A shade of crimson red inspired by the most precious and ancient natural colour: cochineal red. A perfect balance between hot and cold, so in the words of Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, while she illustrated the color chosen for the new year 2023, as has become a custom of the company since the beginning of the new millennium.
This nuance, flag of the year that is about to begin, is both rebellious and inclusive. It encourages you to unleash your inner strength without hesitation and encourages you to look ahead with confidence and to experiment with new paths.
Expect to meet her in decor, as in make-up; in marketing or in upcoming fashion proposals…just like in the Rossomenta Collections which have always celebrated femininity in all its gentle strength. And so, in this period of the year that sees us making resolutions and nurturing small and big dreams for the future, let's put on the optimism and courage of Viva Magenta to wake up every morning with good ideas in mind...perhaps starting right from a hat Redmint!

Happy Holidays… from Rossomenta

We are now at the gates of the most awaited and magical holiday season of the year. It is an opportunity to finally spend time with the people who are dearest to us, to exchange gifts, to laugh, to get excited. It is also, however, the time to stop and reflect on the year that is coming to an end. Ours was a 2022 full of satisfactions, of small and large projects successfully completed. Achievements that cannot be achieved alone… For this reason, in wishing you a merry Christmas and an amazing start to the new year, we cannot fail to take the opportunity to say Thank you too!

Thanks to all those who have chosen the quality and beauty of Made in Italy taste.
Thanks to all our partners, old and new, for being our ambassadors of style, allowing all their customers to experience the quality of our collections first-hand.
Thanks to all our employees and craftsmen, who day after day have transformed the creations of our stylists into reality with professionalism and passion.
Thanks to those who have decided to share their experience of wearing Rossomenta garments with us, making us feel proud of our work.
To all of you, heartfelt thanks, for everything you have allowed us to achieve and for giving us the strength to imagine exciting new goals…to be achieved together!

A shower of colors is coming!

If you are looking for an antidote to gray autumn days, you really cannot miss the selection of rain hats from the new Rossomenta Fall Winter 2022 Collection. A swirl of colors and patterns that can make you forget that vague sense of melancholy that often accompanies cold mornings rainy.

From the cheeky beret with heart pattern, to the fisherman models with stitched brim or quilted solid colour, up to the inevitable cloche models presented in a long series of variants: the versatile double face, the solid colors with contrasting ruffled bands, the patterns with bands tone on tone, embellished with bow or flower details, or the elegant model with button detail and broken brim.

Indispensable garments offered in a variety of styles and colors to add a touch of personality and appeal to your every outfit or, why not, an excellent gift idea for a Christmas to share with all lovers of the unmistakable Made in Italy taste.

You just have to look for the Rossomenta boutique closest to you to try them all and find your personal positivity supplement.