Collection with a view

Our journey to discover the treasures of beautiful Tuscany continues.
This time, to welcome us in his generous arms and give us his suggestive views to frame the garments of the Rossomenta Spring Summer 2023 Collection, was the splendid Livorno. Often considered far from the Tuscan tourist itineraries, this incredible city, a symbol of hospitality, is rich in history that oozes from every alley, from every historic building, from every canal that runs through its streets.
We started from the sumptuous Mascagni Terrace and the historic Covered Market, one of the largest in Europe, and then let ourselves be enchanted by the details of the stone walls or covered with murals of its fascinating Venice district, obviously without missing the appointment with the waterfront, with its rocky landscapes and natural pools.
Bright colors, both in the simpler and softer shapes of the fisherman models, accompanied by fresh sundresses or wide muslin shirts, as well as in the more classic garments of cloche or fedoras enriched with daring details such as acid green feathers.
And color is still the undisputed protagonist of the Mediterranean-flavored fantasies of Sicilian lemons and mandarins, laid on a background of artistic majolica, as well as floral or geometric prints with a retro taste. Every detail of the Rossomenta collection designed for next summer speaks to us of a vital, free, naturally elegant woman.

Timeless Pamela

In this hot and sunny summer, there is nothing better than a wonderful Pamela model to shelter in the shade of its wide brim. The Rossomenta spring summer 2022 collection did not miss the appointment with this timeless hat, presenting it in a long series of variations to accompany the most different styles that are the protagonists of this season: from the combination of embroidered denim to grosgrain with fringed edging; from twisted paper with belt and roses or with band and flowers in lurex fabric to the very wide one in frayed paper and silk roses; from exuberant raffia or perforated paper with grosgrain bow to elegant sisal with border and bow in taffeta or with flowers and feathers.
Born at the end of the 1700s, it owes its name to the heroine of the homonymous book by Samuel Richardson made famous by a French actress, Mademoiselle Lange, who played her in a theatrical adaptation of the novel wearing a large straw hat surmounted by a ribbon that was tied under the chin.
Since then, "à la Pamela" hats have never ceased to be recognized as an icon of femininity that the Rossomenta style could not fail to celebrate with its collection. Irresistibly timeless. Convincedly bold. Enchantingly seductive.

Italian Fashion Days Korea | 29 June - 1 July | Seoul

From today Rossomenta is at the Italian Fashion Days in Korea. Three days dedicated to buyers that sees us participate in representation of Made in Italy in an oriental market that is increasingly attentive to quality and style, which have always been pillars of our production.

A nature to wear

In the style that distinguishes all of our Rossomenta collections, nature is a constant source of inspiration and a precious ally.
Sisal, for example, a fiber obtained from the leaves of sisalana agave, typical of the distant Yucatán region in Mexico, has always been the main ingredient of our ceremonial hat proposals.
100% biodegradable and totally recyclable, it is quickly establishing itself as a leading raw material in an increasingly green economy process.
Its long natural fibers, the processing of which generates almost exclusively organic waste, have been used since ancient times for their high mechanical strength properties. Its ability to quickly absorb and release moisture creates natural ventilation that makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. Add to this the lasting shine, low weight and extreme versatility: a perfect interpreter of our creative flair.
The charm and Made in Italy style of our ceremonial hats: an ecological, sustainable choice, but also enterprising and full of personality. Like Nature. Like Rossomenta.