Welcome back time of ceremonies!

Welcome back time of ceremonies!

There is an air of celebration. The desire to experience a newfound sociality is accompanied by the need to reaffirm one's identity. These months, which have always been silent witnesses to the closing of a phase of one's life and to the trees of a new beginning, are a perfect setting for the parties and ceremonies that seal these passages and which see the family reunited, strengthened old friendships and new ones blossomed.

An unmissable opportunity to be able to express your personality. Hence the choice of elegant, finally light and colorful clothes, cannot fail to be accompanied by the unmistakable style of the headdresses, accessories and ceremonial hats that Rossomenta has wisely interpreted in the spring-summer 2022 collection.
The colorful unpredictability of the enchanting headbands: a cascade of tone-on-tone sisal rings or the fabric and silk compositions of the roses, all rigorously handmade, petal by petal, embellished with feather details and fascinating veils. The delicate refinement of Sangallo lace, presented in multiple colors and models, skilfully combined with coordinated dresses with soft and timeless lines. The elegance of satin in delicate pastel tones that covers and enhances the classic shapes, giving them a new and surprising personality.
It is the beating heart of the Rossomenta ceremony collection for this awaited and exciting summer 2022. You just have to let yourself be seduced.

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