Exactly one week after the 195th edition of the Corsa dell’Arno, the emotion is still vivid.
Like every 25th of April since 1827, this year too Florence woke up preparing for an appointment with its history. Even the heavy clouds that had occupied the vault of the Florentine sky for days had to surrender, letting the sun illuminate the luxuriant green that covers the circuit of the Visarno ready to welcome the fury of the hooves of the galloping horses.
Thousands of enthusiasts and the simple curious who crowded the stands and the areas close to the track since the early hours of the afternoon. A colorful crowd that did not fail to enthusiastically adhere to that dress code that has characterized this event for years now. And here then, next to the jockeys' catwalk with their splendid thoroughbreds, another parade attracted the attention and curiosity of those present: that of the hats and headdresses that adorned the heads of girls and women of all ages. win the title of "Most Beautiful Hat". A riot of creative flair and skilled craftsmanship.
A race, also of solidarity, in which we participate, such as Rossomenta and Consorzio del Cappello di Firenze, alongside the Corri la Vita Association since its debut and which, in the success of this year's edition, renews the passion that we put into our work and allows us to look to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

195 years after the first edition of the oldest horse race in Italy, then called the Arno Prize, the Parco delle Cascine in Florence is once again inflamed with a competitive spirit: on the track, of course, but not only. The protagonists, together with the thoroughbreds, will be, as usual, the sumptuous and extravagant hats that will parade among the public in what over time is increasingly becoming a fixed appointment to show off refined and creative garments. Also this year Rossomenta will be alongside the prestigious Consorzio del Cappello di Firenze, of which it is a member, to attend the 2022 edition of the contest THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAT for Corri la Vita, which has always been Charity Partner and judge together with exponents of fashion and politics.

A place, Florence, the capital of art and fashion.

A unique event, where adrenaline and Made in Italy style are breathed in the air.
A bridge between a glorious past and a present to be written ... as protagonists.

We couldn't not be there.

E’ tempo di rinascita. La primavera si è appena affacciata alla porta e cresce il desiderio di riconquistare quella fiducia nel futuro che è fatta anche di buoni propositi e piccoli sogni nel cassetto. Il primo dei nostri lo realizziamo oggi: abbiamo un nuovo sito!

Una finestra sui nostri progetti, sulle collezioni di oggi e di domani ma anche uno spazio per condividere ispirazioni e suggestioni creative. Il nostro intento era quello di creare un luogo dove poter vedere più da vicino i capi Rossomenta e lasciarsi coinvolgere da uno stile che parla di una donna sicura di sé e anticonformista, che sa essere femminile e romantica senza mai essere banale.

Troverete anche notizie su di noi, sui nostri obiettivi, sui nostri partner, indirizzi e localizzazioni dei nostri rivenditori distribuiti su tutto il territorio nazionale dove potrete toccare con mano la qualità dei nostri capi: un modo per conoscerci meglio, ogni giorno di più.

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