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The Rossomenta straw hat protagonist in Signa

The Rossomenta straw hat protagonist in Signa

Now in its third edition, this year too Vivere a Colori took place in the Municipality of Signa, Florence: the fashion show entirely dedicated to the straw hat, organized with the collaboration of the Il Cappello di Firenze Consortium of which, as Italmind, Rossomenta's parent company, we are proud to be part of.
The event also represented for Rossomenta a precious opportunity to celebrate this garment, which has always been an icon of style and elegance, which was born in the Signa area almost 500 years ago, although perhaps it had been made long before that. there was the recognition of a real professional category.
A return to the origins, therefore, but with an eye always aimed at the future for this iconic object capable of crossing centuries of fashion history accompanying the most disparate styles while remaining, however, always faithful to itself. "

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