The timeless charm of the ceremonial hat

Have you ever thought about the feeling you get in wearing real works of art? Certainly all fashion, in a broad sense, can be conceived as such as a work of ingenuity with a purely aesthetic character, the result of the genius of stylists.

Yet, in the vast universe of products that crowd the shop windows, there is a world apart reserved for accessories intended for ceremonies. Here the designer's inspiration can feel free to venture; here the very purpose of the garment gives way to beauty, of the one capable, by itself, of giving meaning to creation.

We at Rossomenta like to think of the ceremonial hat as a sculpture, capable of telling a lot about who created it and who chose it.

Whether it's a whimsical headband or a fascinating wide-brimmed hat, the ceremonial hat is more than a simple headdress and certainly cannot be trivially labeled as an "accessory". Alone it is able to attract all the attention of those who gaze at it, sometimes hiding behind skilful transparencies, sometimes enhancing, with graceful and daring shapes, the face of the wearer. It is a precious jewel that cannot be limited to simply being worn but needs to be interpreted.

Look for the Rossomenta boutique closest to you, come and try the evocative power of our ceremonial proposals and feel ready to convey all your charm with one of our creations designed for this period full of coronations, parties and open-air events.

Everything is ready for the 196th edition of the Corsa dell'Arno which will take place, as usual, this April 25th and it's not only the beautiful thoroughbreds who will compete for the trophy of the oldest gallop race in Italy, but also all the ladies and girls who will compete with their hats in the new edition of the "The most beautiful hat for Corri la Vita" competition.
Thus, once again, the sporting event will also be an opportunity to show off eccentric hats created by the fervent imagination and inspiration of the competitors in the race or to buy one that is the result of the skilful dexterity and originality of the stylists of us members of the prestigious Consorzio Il Cappello di Firenze, all under the banner of solidarity and renewed commitment alongside the Corri la Vita Association.
The appointment is for Tuesday 25 April from 2.30 pm at the Visarno "Cesare Meli" racecourse, in the wonderful setting of the Cascine park in Florence.
An afternoon of celebration dedicated to sport and elegance. An opportunity that we at Rossomenta cannot miss.

Bucket hat: the versatile style for every day

There are no more excuses: a Bucket Hat absolutely cannot be missing from your wardrobe!

For those who still have doubts about its comeback in style, this hat, which saw its birth in the early years of the last century in northern Europe and which after ups and downs has returned to great fashion only a few years ago under the strong impetus of the big luxury brands, does not seem to know any kind of awe towards the most famous models of headgear and is now an inevitable piece of all fashion collections worthy of the name.

Practical to wear, and very useful in all "passing" seasons, the "fisherman's" hat (literally "bucket hat") is perfectly capable of protecting you from the first rays of the sun as well as from sudden rains thanks to its flat brim too large and to the materials of which it is often made and which are immediately appreciated for their lightness and impermeability Undisputed symbol of the 90s street style, which saw it excel as an icon of the outfits of rap and pop music stars (who relaunched it officially after decades of oblivion), is now considered an absolutely versatile garment capable of combining both with romantic-flavored dresses, as well as long mid-season trench coats, as well as oversized cardigans and jackets or simply with beach costumes and long-sleeved shirts.

In short, an easy-to-match and highly trendy style companion that could only be present in numerous variations also in the Rossomenta collection for this Spring-Summer.

You just have to choose the model that best suits your style in one of our boutiques.

Spring... here we are now!

Want for Spring? Of course yes! It's very close now and she too seems to be impatient. In fact, and as happens in most cases in reality, the equinox will not take place on the canonical day of March 21st, but already on the 20th, at 21:24, to be precise.

Even we at Rossomenta are already ready for the summer and the desire for freedom and outdoor life that it brings. The ultra-fresh Spring Summer 2023 collection draws us into the charm of Mediterranean colors and flavors with its citrus fruits, offered throughout the their expressive strength as protagonists of total looks designed not to go unnoticed, and with artistic majolica, immortalized on delicate pastel tones to enhance the combinations of shades and geometries.

The undisputed star is still colour! From bright neon to deep blues; from romantic cream to the wonderful and soothing nuances of the earth (sand, ochre, orange) in combination with unusual details such as belt buckles or very light feathers to embellish hats and headdresses full of inspiration and originality.

Look for the Boutique closest to you and come and breathe the spring of new Rossomenta proposals for 2023. A collection full of charm awaits you but also of joy and light-heartedness, in that perfect balance of taste and creativity typical of Made in Italy. Just from Rossomenta.

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