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Autumn Winter 2022

ROSSOMENTA autumn / winter 2022, develops as usual in three themes.
Two of these, dominated by color: THE LIGHT GREEN; THE ENERGETIC ROSES, that flow into FLUORESCENT shades, ELECTRIC BLUES, LILAC, RED and YELLOW to finish with a selection of sober "DARK" BROWN BURNED BLACK AND GREEN SOTTO BOSCO

The common thread between these color groups is the GRUNGE STYLE reinterpreted by us.
A street look, unconventional ... that "doesn't give a damn" about the rules.
Canadian paintings, buttons, wool casentinate, cooked wool designed with women's faces.
Graphic elements stolen from the WRITERS of STREET ART LONDINESE, nylons printed with psychedelic speckles, flowers and stylized hearts, which become linings for plain-colored outerwear when needed.
The capes studied in various designs and lengths, a garment that has become inevitable in every outfit, elegant and practical and then again the sheepskin, with "used" effects, ecological furs with an ultra-soft hand, coordinated with scarves and hats.

Absolute novelty regarding the latter: the jaquard tartan design and the print on the reverse, the boiled wools that imitate the "old grandmother's blankets" with artwork designed specifically for us, and finally the cloths: smooth and diagonal, declined for unlined and structured garments The rain topic has been expanded with the addition of capes quilted, long and husky vests zipped with lambskin details.

With Rossomenta also for 2022 a warm and colorful winter is expected.

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